Quality Policy

RD Facility is one of the concealing, which is capable of permanent and fast adaptation to quickly changing conditions. The customers expect an excellent quality of services offered to him, and pays only those prices which are more favorable than the competition in the market. In order for a concern to remain competitive and maintain maximal efficiency and availability of all its plans, what is needed is an approach different from the traditional concept of maintenance.

“We shall provide satisfaction to all our clients by adopting quality system, fair practices and taking care of environments in all our services. This we will achieve through implementation of Quality Assurance Systems, involvement of employees and adequate training”.

Necessary Enquiry & Agreement

On Receipt of Enquiry

We visit the site and assess the following:-

  • Site space to be provided with the services.
  • Requirement of machinery and equipment
  • Details of chemicals and consumables required
  • Assess the manpower details
  • Prepare the proposal keeping the needs of the Client in Mind.
  • Discuss the proposal and carry out amendments if any
  • Mobilization time – minimum 10 days on receipt of LOI

On Receipt of LOI/Agreement

  • Selection of Supervisor, House Boys, Pantry Boys and other manpower required at the site and Training on periodic basis..
  • Arrangement  of Machinery/ special requirements like façade cleaning equipment etc
  • Proper documentation related to recruitment of staffs.
  • Police Verification/ verification of address.
  • Provision of consumables and kitting of staff.

List of Documents That Will be Maintained

  • Attendance record
  • Record of receipt and consumption of consumables
  • Record of equipment and machinery held at site.
  • Complaint book and the action taken
  • Record of day/night check by Field executives
  • Visit by Manager Operation to the site.

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